• Radio Over IP

    Radio Over IP

    Program allow users to connect to teamspeak 3 server with ability to chat, speak, record conversations, PTT and VOX.

    Technologies: C++, MFC, Sockets, Audio Recoding/Mixing, TeamSpeak
  • Infinite Solar Online Cources

    Infinite Solar Online Cources

    Infinite Solar Online is a web online training courses in the solar industry basaed on Moodle LMS. It provides online education in all things solar.

    Technologies: Moodle, PHP, MySql
  • AppzOnUs


    AppzOnUs is a site that offers users to download mobile application for free. These applications can be games and other useful utilities for Android platfrom.

    Technologies: Photoshop
  • AlekAir


    Website for a company which installs air-conditioners and boilers in Philadelphia, PA. AlekAir company provides full cycle of service related to installation and maintenance of boilers and air-conditioners. The site allows to schedule a free estimate of the work needed, describes all the services providing by the company, shows its previous projects etc.

    Technologies: PHP, Joomla
  • Klash Video

    Klash Video

    We made a live video streaming application for a social network klash nation ( http://www.klashnation.com ) main feature of which is video chatting between users.

    Technologies: Adobe Air, Live Video Streaming