About us

USDG is a software development team of highly experienced professionals in all the areas of software development, located in Kharkiv, Ukraine. We have a lot of experience in different technologies, processes, platforms, business analysis etc. Our staff worked for various IT companies and took part in different complicated projects; we have a lot of experience in direct communications with our customers all around the world. Our guys achieved outstanding results working individually and these results were appreciated with different certifications recognized worldwide. Now we gathered together because we feel that we can satisfy the real business needs of our customers with more quality, intelligence and provide our clients things they really need.

We provide all services needed during full cycle of software development: business analysis, architecture design, development, quality assurance, support of delivered systems. Our processes are organized so that they meet very specific needs of each particular project, i.e. the process model (agile, waterfall) depends on project details. We know that close communication with customers is a key to our common success and a way to understand and implement things that clients really need. Our analysts have a lot of experience in a great variety of application domains so we provide deep analysis of goals and requirements of our clients and correct clients' requirements so that they really help hit business goals and even more. Our quality assurance methods allow us making products of really high quality, not things that just work somehow

We always use creative approach to software development and try to make each of our products a break through in the appropriate business area.

We do believe that our cooperation would be pleasant and successful for you and would help your business face the challenges of the age of information technologies and achieve a new level of success.